Seasonal Work

Join us to become a good food maker


We make some of Finland's best-known food products, from steaks to spinach pancakes, with a good mood. You are part of a diverse team of professionals. Every year, we employ hundreds of good food makers in different food seasons. Come and join us in making quality and responsible Finnish food for a good mood moments!

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Where are jobs available?


Seasonal workers are needed in almost all our locations:


Seinäjoki (Nurmo)

When jobs are available?

The work is mainly carried out from Monday to Friday in the morning and evening shifts. The exception to this is our logistics cogs, which also run on weekends and work in three shifts. We need our first seasonal workers for the first round of the year as early as the beginning of the year. Spring and summer are our busiest periods, but there are also vacancies in the autumn. We will be preparing for Christmas in our foodfactory.

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What is expected of me?


We have several positions in production, where you don't have to be an expert, we will guide you through the process. A degree in the field or work experience would be an advantage when applying for technical maintenance and servicing positions and staff restaurants. You can apply to Nurmo and Forssa from the age of 17.