Corporate responsibility

A leader in sustainability

We have been producing food for people for over a hundred years and we want to continue to do so in the future. That's why we act with respect for the earth, people and food.


We are the leading company in responsible food production in the Nordic countries. Over the years, we have shouldered our responsibilities and solved even big challenges. Due to climate change, our most important goal today is a carbon-neutral food chain.


We want to secure people's well-being and clean food production. We have been doing this work successfully for decades - and will continue to do so.


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We care about the environment and are committed to reducing our environmental impact at every stage of the food chain.


The cleanest, safest and most transparent food chain in the world, with proven animal welfare.


We care about people's well-being and are committed to promoting the good life.


A carbon-neutral food chain is our main goal

Added value for stakeholders

With financial responsibility, Atria means achieving its financial objectives in a way that enables the company to develop its business in line with the expectations of its stakeholders. Monitoring and influencing social regulation helps Atria to manage changes and risks related to the operating environment. By developing corporate responsibility issues that are relevant to Atria, the company at the same time safeguards future business conditions and creates both economic and social value for society.


Direct economic value is created through the jobs Atria provides and indirect value through the supply chain and taxes paid. Social value creation and corporate citizenship is the development of the industry according to the principles of sustainable development and the production of food for customers and consumers.