Atria's Analysts and Consensus Estimate


Consensus estimate (3 analysts) 24 April 2024 Q2 2024e 2024e 2025e
Net Sales, EUR million 450 1,761 1,809
Adjusted EBIT, EUR million 10.7 50.5 59.5
Adjusted EPS, EUR 0.17 0.91 1.21


Atria's analysts:

  • Joni Sandvall, Nordea
  • Juho Saarinen, OP
  • Pauli Lohi, Inderes

The above-mentioned consensus estimate has been compiled by Atria (later company) as a technical calculation based solely on the estimates made by the above-mentioned analysts external from the company. The company has not in any way influenced the external analysts' estimates, opinions and forecasts, their underlying assumptions or methodologies, nor can the company verify their reliability, quality, accuracy or completeness.


The consensus estimate has been compiled solely for information purposes, and it is not intended as any form of investment advice or statement regarding potential future development of the company. The company accepts no responsibility for the presented estimates' reliability, accuracy or completeness, and they have not been verified by any independent party. Furthermore, as the company has no influence over the estimates made by external analysts, which also form the basis of the consensus estimate, the company accepts no responsibility that the presented consensus estimate or external estimates are up-to-date at any given time should, e.g., the above-mentioned external analyst estimates be changed or updated.