In line with its Articles of Association, the company has one (1) auditor. Its auditor must be an audit firm approved by the Finnish Patent and Registration Office. The auditor’s term of service ends at the close of the Annual General Meeting following their election.


The auditor is responsible for auditing the Group’s accounts, its financial statements, and administration.

The auditor provides Atria’s shareholders with an auditor’s report in accordance with the law, in connection with the company’s financial statements, reports regularly to the Board of Directors and the management, and presents the audit plan. The auditor participates in Board meetings at least once a year.


Deloitte Oy, was appointed as the company's auditor on 25 April 2023, with Authorized Public Accountant Mrs. Marika Nevalainen as the principally responsible auditor, until the end of the next Annual General Meeting. Remuneration is paid to the auditor according to an invoice approved by the company.


Auditor’s remuneration for the 2023 financial year

In 2023, the Group paid EUR 369 000 to Deloitte Oy as the auditor’s remuneration. For non-audit services, EUR 16,000 was paid in 2023.