The company’s CEO in charge of managing its day-to-day operations in accordance with the instructions and orders issued by the Board of Directors and informing the Board of Directors of the development of the company’s operations and financial performance. The CEO also is also responsible for ensuring the legality of the company’s accounting and the reliability of asset management. The CEO is appointed by the Board of Directors, which decides on the terms of their service contract.

Since 1st of June 2023, Atria’s CEO has been Kai Gyllström, MSc (Econ), MBA. Atria also has a Deputy CEO. Tomas Back has served as Deputy CEO since 2018. 


Work experience

  • Atria Plc, CEO, 2023-
  • Arla Sweden, Managing Director, 6/2021-5/2023
  • Arla Finland, Managing Director, 1/2018-5/2021
  • Arla Europe, Regional Director Food Service, 6/2016-12/2017
  • Arla Saudi Arabia, Managing Director, 9/2014-5/2016
  • Arla Finland, Marketing Director, 1/2013-8/2014
  • Arla Finland, Finance Director, 6/2011-12/2012
  • Arla Finland, Strategy Director, 9/2009-5/2011
  • Carlsberg, Denmark, Sr. Business Development Manager, 8/2008-8/2009
  • Carlsberg, Denmark, Logistics Development Manager, 3/2007-7/2008
  • Deloitte, Sr. Strategy Consultant, 4/2005-2/2007
  • Marimekko, Finland/Germany, Export Manager, 5/2000-1/2003 


Current key positions of trust

  • Member of the Board of Directors in Finnish Food and Drink Industries’ Federation (ETL) 2023- 
  • Member of the Board of Directors in China Office of Finnish Industries, 2023-
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