Disclosure Policy

The aim of Atria's financial reporting is to ensure that the market has at all times correct and sufficient information available to determine the value of Atria's share. A further aim is to provide the financial market with versatile information based on which those active in the capital markets can form a justified image of Atria as an investment object.


Atria has determined a silent period in its investor relation communication that covers 30 calendar days prior to the publication of interim reports and annual reports. During this period Atria gives no statements on its financial status.

Investor information

Atria publishes financial information in real time on its web pages at www.atria.com. Here you can find annual reports, interim reports and press and stock exchange releases. The company's largest shareholders and insiders as well as their holdings are updated regularly to the web pages.

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Atria's Disclosure policy


Atria's Disclosure Policy, approved by the Board of Directors, outlines the central principles and practices followed by the company in communicating with the media, capital markets and other stakeholders.