Atria as an Employer

A workplace with a better mood


It’s important to us that we know our job, and that people feel good working for us. Our way of leading is communicative, encouraging and developing. It is exactly as secure as our way of working. We show that we value each other and trust our work. At our company, it’s easy to be enthusiastic about work — after all, we do it a little better every day to promote a better mood. We want to succeed, and that’s why we produce quality and are genuinely interested in our customers. We trust our brand.


We focus on consumers and customers; we are hungry for success; we deliver quality; we enjoy our work.

We believe that by taking care of each of our professionals from the first day of work until the end of their careers, we can grow sustainably and produce quality. The wellbeing of our experts, competence development and fair pay are everyday things for us. The fact that people retire from our company two years later than the average Finn is itself an indication of something. And we don’t leave it at this. We monitor the job satisfaction of Atria employees so that we can react if necessary.

We provide orientation, guidance, advice and support because the success of each of our experts is important.


  • The Welcome to Atria online course offers practical tips and tricks for starting work, as well as important instructions on occupational safety, hygiene and quality issues that cannot be ignored in food work.
  • The supervisor and an occupational instructor give guidance to the department’s operations and work. We have more than 300 employees trained to give occupational instruction. With their help, the company’s practices and work tasks become familiar.
  • Summer job information events are Atria’s way of welcoming seasonal and summer workers to the company. At the information events, they have the opportunity to get to know Atria as an employer.
  • “Work is rewarding.” We have a strong culture of practical action, and we value on-the-job learning. The workers always get support from the supervisor and the work community.

For our experts to perform as well as possible, we offer them a wide range of employee benefits:



We take care of our staff every day in daily life, not just with words. Good management plays a huge role in this. When we communicate by listening, encourage participation, lead by example, focus vigorously on solutions and take responsibility for decisions made, it is possible for every Atria employee to focus on their work a little better. This is Atria’s Way of Leading.

We are reliably number one in quality. We can say this because we do small but big things for quality every day. We actively evaluate our actions, monitoring not only the safety of the products but also their healthiness, ease of use and impact on the environment. We are up-to-date on changing legislation and follow the industry standards at least as closely as our customers’ wishes. Our production plants are certified.

Safely home from Atria


Our responsibility is to ensure that our employees get home safely from Atria. Safety is part of our daily operations. It is guided by three principles to which we are all committed:


1. Safety first

2. Safety starts with me

3. Stop — Think — Act

Safely home from Atria logo.