Information for Production Workers

Before starting work


For those working in a production environment in the food industry are required by law to have a salmonella certificate, a certificate of aptitude for food industry and a hygiene proficiency certificate. Please read the instructions below carefully to ensure that your start with us goes smoothly.

  1. 1. Salmonella certificate

  3. For the sample, you will receive the equipment according to the local instructions below. Follow the instructions on the package and the answer to the sample will be sent directly to Atria. You can also obtain a Salmonella certificate at your own expense. In this case, submit the certificate to your supervisor on the first working day. Take the sample without delay, as without this certificate you will not be able to start working at Atria.

2. Certificate of aptitude for food industry


People working in the food industry must not suffer from an infectious disease of general danger and the skin of the hands should be healthy. You can get a certificate e.g. from the public health nurse of an adult clinic or health centre. Make sure you have the right certificate and that it is made for the food work. Deliver the certificate to your supervisor on the first working day. Please note that without this certificate you cannot start working at Atria. (If you have worked with us before and have already brought us a certificate of aptitude for food industry, a new certificate is not required.)

3. Hygiene proficiency certificate

(not applicable to Kuopio Best-In)


You must acquire a hygiene proficiency certificate at your own cost before the work starts. Deliver the certificate/card to your supervisor, who will photocopy it and return the original to you. (If you have worked with us before and have already brought your hygiene proficiency certificate for us to see, you do not need to bring the certificate again.)



Get to know us in advance with our introductory material (

On the first working day

Tax card

At Atria, the employer will receive all tax withholding information from the Tax Administration electronically. According to the tax authorities' instructions, tax cards or change tax cards do not need to be submitted or presented to the employer. Tax cards should not be submitted to payroll unless specifically requested by payroll.




On your first day, take your ID card with you (passport or identity card) to get your own access badge. If you are not an EU citizen, take your work permit with you and show it to your supervisor.




In the information/links below you will find local arrival instructions for production plants. The offices of Seinäjoki and Helsinki can be reached with the help of a visiting address.