Whistleblowing Channel

As a matter of principle, Atria's Code of Conduct commits us to comply with and respect the laws that govern us. We want to promote transparent and high standards of business ethics, and thus maintain confidence in our business. Therefore, it is of paramount importance to Atria that any serious illegal activity detected or suspected in our own operations is brought to our attention without delay.


The whistleblowing channel provides the opportunity to report suspected wrongdoing in relation to Atria's activities in confidence without the threat of retaliation. It is an important tool for reducing risk and maintaining trust, as it enables Atria to address any identified wrongdoing at an early stage and to develop its operations in line with its ethical values.


Normal customer feedback is not covered by this reporting channel, but should be submitted through Atria's normal consumer and customer feedback channels. Similarly, normal complaints relating to the business relationship should be handled through the designated contact persons for cooperation.


When should the notification channel be used?

The whistleblowing channel is intended for the anonymous reporting of observed or suspected wrongdoing. This may include, for example:

  • fraud or corruption
  • environmental crime
  • serious failures to ensure food safety, or
  • animal welfare breaches.