Social Responsibility

Knowledge, fairness and transparency

The development of staff well-being and skills, as well as fair pay, are key elements of Atria's corporate social responsibility. All Atria employees share a common Atria Way of Working, defined by the employees themselves. It guides our day-to-day work.


Atria believes in people-centred management that communicates and involves employees. Their development as leaders and experts is supported and encouraged. Our managers encourage ideas and set realistic and challenging goals for themselves. We get a lot done because managers lead by example and experience. We focus on solutions, not problems.


Fluent and open interaction with stakeholders is part of everyday life at Atria - we also work together on the basis of values defined by our staff.

Average number of Atria Group employees in 2022

LTA Accident frequency

* Number of accidents resulting in at least 8 hours of sick leave divided by 1 000 000 hours worked.

of all employees would recommend Atria as an employer

Source: annual Pulssi survey

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