Nutrition Commitments

Commitments support sustainable development


Since 2017, Atria Finland has signed a total of six measurable and targeted nutrition commitments to support sustainable development and the achievement of the goals of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.


Atria is committed to reducing the amount of sodium in its products.


Atria adds heart label products to the Atria Foodservice range

Atria Finland is committed to increasing the number of Atria Foodservice products that qualify for the heart label from the level of 62 products at the beginning of 2023.


Atria wants to take better account of nutritional aspects in its product development, while at the same time promoting consumer and customer opportunities to choose products with better nutritional quality. We are committed to increasing the range of heart brand products, while also responding to our customers' requests to bring better nutritional quality products to the market.


Developing the range of fish products for consumers
Consumers want easier solutions to add fish to their meals. Nutrition recommendations recommend fish in 2-3 meals per week. Atria wants to provide consumers with better options to easily add fish to their diet.


Atria Finland is committed to making fish options available to consumers in meals and components by launching new products for both consumer and professional kitchens. This will increase opportunities to choose fish at different meal times (workplace canteen, restaurant and home). Consumers are increasingly looking for quick and easy solutions for everyday meals. Consumers want to find more fish meal options on the ready meal shelf (source: Foodwest: Fish consumption in Finland 2021).


More nutrition-compliant recipes for consumers and restaurants
Atria Finland is committed to increasing the number of food recipes that comply with the Heart Label criteria for both professionals and consumers.


We want to provide our consumers and customers with cooking instructions that comply with the nutritional guidelines.


Developing a range of vegetable products for consumers
Atria Finland is committed to maintaining and renewing its plant-based (vegetarian) products in the meal, snack and snack segments by launching new products.


As a food company, Atria commits to develop and maintain a wide range of products suitable for a vegetarian diet. As part of this range development, Atria has launched a new brand in the VK and FS markets in autumn 2018 to make it easier to identify meat-free product offerings.



Atria Sweden is committed to reducing the amount of sodium in its products and to maintaining lower sodium product options in all key product categories.


Atria Denmark is committed to reducing sodium in its products and to offering healthy choices in its Nøglehullet product options in all key product categories.