Healthy and Nutritious Food

Tasty and healthy food for all meal times

We support consumer well-being by providing tasty and healthy food. We inform consumers about the climate and environmental impacts of our operations, the work we are doing to mitigate them and the welfare of animals throughout our production chain.


Food purity, nutritional quality and ethics in the food chain are core values for both Atria and its stakeholders. In addition to consumer needs and taste, our product development takes into account sustainability factors such as ethical production, environmental friendliness and nutritional properties. The basis of human well-being is a varied, healthy and nutritious diet. Meat has a place in a varied diet because of its excellent nutritional properties.


Products that support a healthy lifestyle

We understand our responsibility to consumers and public health, and this is reflected in our product development. In line with our policy on food safety, nutrition and quality, our company aims to provide people with products that are nutritious, healthy, tasty and suitable for everyday life. Product development is based on a good balance between consumer preferences and nutritional recommendations, and on developing cooking solutions that make consumers' everyday lives easier.


Particular attention is paid to the quality of the raw materials used in Atria's products. The safety, purity and suitability of raw materials for production are ensured during the product development phase. Atria actively monitors legislation and official recommendations on raw materials and additives. The production process complies with national recommendations and legal requirements regarding sodium content, additive use, labelling and labelling. On a product-by-product basis, we assess the need for additives from a product safety and quality perspective.