Carbon footprint

The carbon footprint of Atria's meat is comparatively low


Atria's main goal is combating climate change and carbon-neutral food production. We are working to identify more comprehensively the climate impacts during the life cycle of our products. Calculating the carbon footprint helps us to understand in depth where the emissions come from and how to reduce them.


Carbon footprint from the field to the factory gates

Atria Suomi has calculated the carbon footprint of pork, beef and chicken production from the farm to the gate of the slaughterhouse. The results show that the climate effects of the Finnish production method are significantly smaller compared to the climate effects of meat production internationally.


Atria is gradually expanding the selection of products marked with a carbon footprint

We are constantly working for environmental issues. By calculating the carbon footprint at the farm level, we understand more thoroughly where the emissions from our operations come from and how we can reduce them. This is one step on our way towards our goal, which is a truly carbon-neutral food chain.